Roasted Roots

Photo Deborah Mele

Using a colorful combination makes this dish as appealing in appearance as it does in flavor. Four servings

1 bunch carrots
1 bunch parsley root
2-3 large parsnips
1 sweet potato (optional)
½ C olive oil
½ t kosher salt
sprinkling of mace (optional)
chili powder (optional)
pumpkin seed oil or walnut oil for garnish (optional)

Heat oven to 425 degrees. Remove to tops of carrots and parsley root. Wash and peel all roots. If the carrots are small, leave them whole; otherwise slice lengthwise into quarters. Repeat for parsley root. Parsnips should be trimmed of the long slender part, which can be quartered lengthwise to match the parsley and carrots; the larger portion can be sliced into medallions. The sweet potato can be sliced into medallions or sticks, whichever is preferred. Place roots into a plastic bag and add olive oil to coat; this will have to be done in several batches for proper coating of olive oil. Add a pinch of kosher salt to each batch. Cover two rimmed baking sheets with aluminum foil; spread roots out on foil in one layer. Roast until golden, 15-30 minutes. Remove and sprinkle with your choice of mace or chili powder, or both. Drizzle with pumpkin seed or walnut oil and serve hot. Makes a wonderful accompaniment to roast chicken or beef.

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