Persimmon Folly

It’s a variation on Raspberry Fool, so we’re calling it Persimmon Folly.  As simple as getting out your beater and splitting a ripe persimmon or two in half, putting together this luscious dessert takes about 10 minutes.  Pop it in the refrigerator and bring it out effortlessly at meal’s end, along with after-dinner coffee.  We did just this Sunday evening and the Folly was a hit way out of proportion to its preparation.  One thing we all have agreed upon over the years, the decision to plant an Asian persimmon tree in full view of the front porch and the parlor-come-front-office window was no folly. In October, the tree’s foliage gleams brilliant shades of gold and orange, deepening to a pinkish red before tumbling with a dancer’s grace.  A lot of the leaves fall into the adjacent frog pond.  And what I don’t have a picture of yet is what the tree looks like when all the leaves finally are gone – to expose the dazzling fruit, hanging like so many incandescent Christmas ornaments from the elegant little tree. 

Late-season frog amid floating persimmon leaves

Late-season frog amid floating persimmon leaves

Persimmon Folly

1 C heavy cream, well chilled
1/4 C sugar
1 T brandy
1½  C persimmon pulp, from one to three persimmons, depending on size
1/4 C crystalized ginger, minced

Chill a mixing bowl by putting ice in it for five minutes. Discard the ice and wipe the interior dry with a clean towel.  Pour in the cream; whip until soft peaks form, five to 10 minutes.  Add sugar and brandy and whip on low just until mixed well.  Do not overbeat the cream.  Remove pulp from the persimmons, discarding the skin.  In a separate bowl, mash by hand or use a food processor to puree.  Add the persimmon and all but 2 T of the ginger to the whipped cream.  Fold in gently, leaving streaks of persimmon throughout the cream.  Do not over mix.  Spoon into individual cups. Refrigerate until you are ready to serve.  Makes four 6 oz servings.

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